Executive Director

Mrs. Najia Hamid

Executive Director/Founder


Najia Hamid is the Founder and Executive Director of the Afghan Elderly Association.  Najia was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan where she acquired a B.A. at the Industrial Management Institute.


While still residing in Afghanistan, she worked in administrative functions for several international forums such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) from 1975-1989 (14 years).


In 1989, she moved to Pakistan and worked again for the USAID and the UN office in Peshawar.  Najia and her family migrated to the United States over 25 years ago.  She founded the AEA in 1995 due to the extreme isolation and challenges experienced by Afghan seniors in East Bay.  In 2004, she was honored by State Senator Liz Figueroa, Congressman Pete Stark, and Assemblyman John Dutra as Woman of the Year for outstanding service and dedication to the people of the State of California.Ost


Her leadership, dedication, hard work, respect, and love are greatly appreciated by everyone in the AEA and the community at large.


Arezo Sayid

Assistant Director


Arezo Sayid serves as the Assistant Director for the Afghan Elderly Association. In addition to assisting in the guidance of the organization, Arezo co-leads the implementation, development, and continuous expansion of health programs for seniors in the community.


Arezo has a background in public health, program development, advocacy, and social justice. Prior to joining AEA, she was the Clinical Research Coordinator for UCSF School of medicine, where she performed study procedures for investigational trials. Arezo fulfilled her practicum with the International rescue Committee, where she worked on placement services to newly arrived refugees. Prior to that, she worked at Stanford working on issues of maternal health and hepatitis B virus vaccines.


She currently serves as a Board Commissioner with the Alameda County Public Health department, where she reviews and assesses emerging health needs to improve community health.


She is inspired to stimulate the current and future generations in public health education to create effective health policy decisions while fostering a healthy environment, in which quality of life and disease prevention methods are delivered to the global community.

She holds a B. A. in International Studies from University of San Francisco, and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from National University, San Diego.

John Mohammad Haider

Health Promoter


John Mohammad Haider is a Certified Health Promoter for the Afghan Elderly Association. He was born in Kunduz, Afghanistan and acquired a B.S in Math and Physics in Kabul University. In 1983, due to the certain circumstances, his family moved to Los Angeles, California and graduated from Academy of the Pacific in Hollywood, California.

Prior to joining the Afghan Elderly Association, John worked in the IT industry that led him to work for Franklin Templeton for many years. In 2006, he joined the AEA team and manages our legal and immigration services. As a Health Promoter, he’s an avid supporter for senior health and works hard to increase access to health services.

Hamida Z. Obeid

Health Promoter


Hamida Z. Obeid is a Certified Health Promoter for the Afghan Elderly Association. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan where she acquired her B.A in Law from Kabul University. Shortly after, Hamida immigrated to the United States and started attending Ohlone College. In 1998, she received her Medical Assistant certificate.


Prior to joining AEA, Hamida has worked in the finance department with R&B Enterprises in Bel Air, California, where she focused on estate management, scheduling, and payroll. Hamida has been a Health Promoter for the AEA since November 2006, where she carries a full client caseload and manages the weekly Medication Management service focusing on decreasing medication errors.  These services are done at the weekly Healthy Aging Program in Fremont and monthly home visits. As a Health Promoter, he’s an avid supporter for senior health.

Hanifa S. Tokhi

Health Promoter


Hanifa S. Tokhi is a Certified Health Promoter for the Afghan Elderly Association since 2006. Hanifa was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she acquired her B. A. in Chemistry and Biology from Kabul University. Shortly after, she became an Assistant Professor of Education & Engineering for many years until she moved to the United Stated.


Prior to joining AEA, in 1991, she obtained her certificate in Real Estate from De Anza Community College while simultaneously receiving her certificate in Peer Counseling. Since joining the AEA in 2006, she has been leading the Diabetes education workshops for our seniors. Hanifa also supervises the congregate meals served at the Healthy Aging Program and trains the kitchen staff with oversight from Alameda County. As a Health Promoter, he’s an avid supporter for senior health.

Nasrin Daoud Mohammadi

Health Promoter


Nasrin Daoud Mohammadi is a Certified Health Promoter for the AEA. Nasrin was born in Kabul, Afghanistan where she acquired her teaching credentials from Afghan College. After receiving her credentials, she taught at the Afghan College for nine years. After moving to the United States, she expanded her education and attended additional courses to upgrade her skills. Prior the joining the AEA, Nasrin took on the role as a teacher at a Montessori School for four years and at a local daycare Center.


Since joining the AEA, Nasrin leads the Healthy Aging Exercise Program offered at our weekly Healthy Aging program. She focuses on teaching Tai Chi and yoga lessons to promote senior health. As a health promoter, Nasrin leads a large case load serving seniors to gain continuous access to health care services.

Abdul Khaliqi

Hall assistant


Abdul Khaliqi provides assistance with setting up our hall at our weekly social gatherings. He attends to the seniors when in need of assistance and helps distribute meals to the seniors.

Spojmai Kamal

Main cook


Spojmai has been the working with AEA since 2010 and has been serving our seniors as the Healthy Aging Program as out main Cook.  Serving fresh Afghan food as lunch for our seniors has been a home away from home for our seniors.  Spojmai’s cooking follows the nutritional assessments while keeping the flavors all fresh and flavorful.

Board of Directors

Meet the Afghan Elderly Association’s Board of Directors!  The AEA’s Board guides the organization by developing culturally sensitive health programs that meet the elder’s needs.  They are also instrumental in raising the necessary resources to make the AEA’s programs viable.

Rabia Shah


Rabia Shah serves as the President of the AEA’s Board of Directors.  She has been proudly volunteering at AEA since 1996. Rabia was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and resided there for 40 years where she acquired her Bachelors of Science.  Her professional background involves serving as the Principal at Surya High School, and teaching at Pul-e-Khumri before moving on to Rabia Balkhi High School and served for 22 years.  With respect to her professionalism, the British Council invited her to London, UK, on a one-year scholarship.


Serving as the President, Rabia is very active within the Afghan community and works hard to reduce isolation among the seniors as well that are home-bound. Her active leadership has increased the Healthy Aging Program’s attendance.

Adela Sammah


Adelah Sammah serves as the Vice-President of the AEA’s Board of Directors. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan where she attended Kabul University and acquired a B.A degree in Persian Literature. Shortly after, she taught Persian literature at the Zarghoona High School. Her experience led her to teach to American Peace Corps for many years.


Prior to immigrating to the United States, she took on a roll with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and worked on a project with the Ministry of Agriculture of Afghanistan (FAO). Upon arrival to the States, she pursued accounting courses at Chabot College. Finishing her studies, she took on a role with a software company and worked with them until retirement in 2012.

Hazrat Marouf


Hazrat Marouf is the AEA’s Board of Directors Secretary. Hazrat was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan where she earned her B.A in Farsi Languages Literature.


Prior to serving the board, she was a teacher at Zarghona High School for two years and was promoted to serve as the Vice- Principal for three years. This led her to take on the role as the Principal serving over 5,000 students for four years. Serving as the Board of Directors Secretary, she maintains all minutes and assists to the needs of the president while serving the board.

Maliha Nurie


Maliha Nurie has been proudly serving as a Board Member since 1999. Maliha was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and worked as a flight attendant in Ariana Airlines.


Her experience led her to work as a ground hostess with Homa Airlines while simultaneously serving as an Executive Assistance for the CEO. Prior to joining AEA, she has worked abroad in the accounting department with the Agricultural Bank in Kabul, Afghanistan. As a board member, her insights on event planning have made our annual fundraising event increase its revenue to support our seniors.

Qamar Ayubzai


Qamar Ayubzai has been serving the AEA for more than 10 years. She received her Law degree in Kabul, Afghanistan. After graduating, she immigrated to the United States and has been working on several projects since.


While serving as a board member her input and efforts has brought great joy to the seniors in the community.

Lelum Hamid


Lelum Hamid was born in Kabul Afghanistan and graduated from Zarghona high school. After attending college and getting married, she took on a role at her husband’s accounting firm.


In 1997, they settled in America and found AEA as a place for solace. Lelum was offered the board member position due to her effortless contribution to the AEA community.

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