Health Promotion

Health promoters (HP) and participants collaboratively identify and prioritize health goals used in the development of a personalized evidenced-based wellness plan.



Healthy Aging Program

The Healthy Aging Program (HAP) is a weekly program serving 200 seniors in Fremont and Hayward.



Community Linkages

Links seniors living in the Bay Area to an array of City, County, State and Federal entitlement and supportive services.



Welcome to Afghan Elderly Association

Welcome to Afghan Elderly Association

our mission statement

Thank you for your interest in the Afghan Elderly Association. We are proud that for the past 19 years, the AEA has provided much needed services to Afghan seniors in our community.  Our organization brings many generations together to work as a team on behalf of our seniors: families, children and young adults.  Our relationship with them is based on respect and honest friendship.  Together we have built a caring community for our elders. Our staff is driven by compassion and empathy for those who need it the most.  They actively listen to our seniors so they not only understand, but also meet their needs. Our seniors confront many problems that have resulted from living in Afghanistan, a war-torn country, and having to immigrate to the United States.


Many elders have suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), loneliness, chronic stress, isolation, depression, anxiety, and other multiple health conditions.  Having left everything behind in Afghanistan, many experience challenges such as homelessness, poverty, and inability to access services due to language barriers or lack of transportation.


After almost 20 years of service we continue being inspired to help but we cannot do it alone.  We hope that as you navigate through our website, you will be encouraged to support our important work by volunteering and/or sending your donation.


Thank you for your continued support!

The Afghan Elderly Association (AEA) works to improve the well-being of Afghan elders in the Bay Area. The AEA accomplishes its mission by providing the elders with culturally appropriate preventative health programs and connecting them to available community resources.


Since 1995, Afghan Elderly Association has served over hundreds of seniors including home-bound seniors for community development.  AEA is the leading provider in the Afghan community to serve seniors to provide assistance on matters that concern their quality of life and participation in the larger community.


Our staff is driven by compassion and empathy for those who need it the most.

Afghan Elderly Association

Address: 3300 Capitol Ave bldg B.

Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: 510.574.2059 or 510.574.2075

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