Healthy Aging

The Healthy Aging Program (HAP) is a weekly program serving 200 seniors in Fremont and Hayward.


HAP provides essential resources that allow the seniors to become brave in their decision-making and can lead a life of independence.


The seniors in these two cities attend a day-long event that includes a healthy lunch, health education and promotion (such as falls prevention, health screenings, etc.) exercise, physical therapy, an ESL class, and other activities that provide accessibility to community resources and quality of life.

HAP also offers extended evidence-based groups beyond weekly health education presentations. To-date the evidence-based groups have focused on diabetes management and a chronic pain self-management course that teaches participants how to effectively manage their chronic diseases. These groups have been done in partnership with the Alameda County Public Health Department’s Diabetes Unit and the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.

In Fremont, the elders attending HAP consult with a Public Health Nurse from the City of Fremont for medication management.


The Nurse and nursing students from the California State University-East Bay review the senior’s medications and check to ensure that each person understands their medication regimen and provides the necessary education to improve the senior’s understanding of what they are taking and what they need to do.

If necessary, the Nurse will call the elder’s primary care physician to request additional information or guidance on medication side effects or other issues. The AEA utilizes the Centerville Community Center, the Fremont Senior Center and the Matt Jimenez Community Center to deliver the program to seniors living in Fremont and Hayward.


Beyond the health and wellness services listed above, HAP provides an opportunity for the seniors to socialize with their peers and assists in addressing their PTSD and depression. The seniors gather to share experiences and discuss daily news in the U.S., Afghanistan and their local community.

Afghan Elderly Association

Address: 3300 Capitol Ave

Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: 510.574.2059 or 510.574.2075

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